Basic Leadership Training (BLT)

What is Basic Leadership Training?

Basic Leadership Training (BLT) is a four day program hosted by the Oviedo High School NJROTC cadets, to help the incoming cadets, who are referred to as rooks which is short for rookies. They will gain a preview to the knowledge, and skills they will learn in the classroom everyday. This is also an opportunity for the rooks to get a feel for what our four main teams (Drill, Marksmanship, Athletics, and Academics) have to offer. Rooks who come to BLT are a step ahead of their fellow rooks on the first day of school. Not only do the rooks get to have an experience that helps them further their track in NJROTC. They will receive their first ribbon by completing BLT, for them to wear on their uniform.

When is Basic Leadership Training?

Basic Leadership Training is held on the last full week before school starts, for the rooks it begins on Tuesday and lasts through Friday. You may notice that this event also runs on the day that freshmen can come pick up their schedules. You don’t have to worry about your child on that day, because one of our cadets will go and pick up their schedule, and the rooks will not only get to sit and listen to the presentation, they also get a tour around the school.

Where is Basic Leadership Training held?

Basic Leadership Training is held at Oviedo High School, at the NJROTC unit. Every facility we would use on a normal day, we use to help the rooks familiarize themselves with the area.

Want to know more?

Here is a packet with all the information you will need for Basic Leadership Training.

BLT Packet