What are the Student enrollment eligibility requirements?

  • Be physically qualified to participate fully in the physical education program of the host school.
  • Be selected by the NJROTC instructor with the approval of the school principal or his/her representative.
  • Maintain acceptable standards of academic achievement and an academic standing that warrants at least normal progression leading to graduation.
  • Maintain acceptable standards of conduct.
  • Comply with specified personal grooming standards. Common sense and good judgment apply to the attainment of these standards.
  • Standards will not be relaxed so as to reflect disgrace on the naval service.
  • Under the secondary school open enrollment policy and when desired by the principal of the host school, students in grades 9-12 who are otherwise ineligible for regular NJROTC enrollment may enroll as special NJROTC cadets. Special NJROTC cadets may participate in school approved NJROTC activities, be called naval cadets, wear the uniform, participate as cadet officers, and go on field trips and orientation visits to military installations. Special NJROTC students may not, however, be counted with that number required to maintain an NJROTC unit. Any special equipment or additional staff that may be needed to instruct special NJROTC students is provided by the school.

Important Forms:

Here are some of the forms that may be required for you to download and print, for your convenience:

Health Risk Screening Record 2016

Annual Unit Fee NJROTC 2019_2020

FHSAA Florida High School Athletic Association Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

Standard Release Form NJROTCSRF