Our unit is participating in the “Seminole County” coupon book fundraiser this year. The cost of each book is $20.00. With the huge assortment of coupons featured, most notably these coupons support Oviedo and Seminole county businesses.

Each cadet is to sell a minimum of 3 books. After the requirement is met, that cadet will begin to earn $5.00 towards their cadet account for each additional book sold. Each cadet will sign out the number of books they take. As the fundraiser proceeds additional books can be checked out from Commander. Cadets are responsible for any unsold books not returned by the deadline of September 25, 2020.

Letter Writing Campaign

Each year our cadets participate in a letter writing campaign. The cadets themselves get the addresses they would like to send out a letter to. These letters invite the addressees to donate towards the unit. In no way do we require the people who receive the letters to donate. However, if you do donate towards this fundraiser, you not only support the unit as a whole, but you also support the cadet them self.

Click this to access our flyer for the fundraiser.


Army vs. Navy Bowling

Tickets will be $12.00 for two frames of bowling.

New this year, the city rivals Hagerty High School and Oviedo High School are doing a joint fundraiser at the Oviedo Bowling Alley towards the end of 2020. The event will last from 3:00PM until 7:00PM. Hagerty is representing the Army with their Army JROTC program, and Oviedo is representing the Navy with our Navy JROTC program.

Click this to access our flyer for the fundraiser.