C/ENS VincentReyes

With a 13-year State Champions tenure and a 2013 National Championship, the Marksmanship team is considered by many to be the best in Area 7. With state-of-the-art equipment and an unparalleled Range facility, The marksmanship team boasts 2 competition Sporter teams. Oviedo has also had the honor of hosting the Area 7 State Marksmanship match for the past several years. The Marksmanship team practices every day in 7th Platoon as well as Tuesday and Thursday after school.


C/ENS Elyott Lefebvre  – C/ENS Anthony Ramirez

Armed Drill is separated into 2 categories: Regulation and Exhibition. Regulation drill combines the essence of military discipline with the key virtues of teamwork, where cadets follow a predetermined order of movements, using extreme precision and impeccable timing to impress judges with each and every movement and face. Exhibition drill is where cadets show off their true command of the rifle as well as unwavering teamwork as they execute spins, tosses, and complex marching movements to blow judges away with a routine that never fails to impress. The Armed Drill team practices every day in 7th Platoon as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.


C/ENS Trinity Korn – C/ENS Brialore Campbell

Like Armed Drill, Unarmed drill is separated into Regulation and Exhibition. With Regulation drill, teams follow a scripted routine and, especially with the absence of rifles, must use their military bearing and impeccable timing to “out-drill” the other teams. In Unarmed exhibition, teams must use a combination of slaps and highly complex marching movements to deliver a unique routine that never disappoints. The Unarmed Drill team practices every day in 7th Platoon as well as Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.


C/ENS Owen Compher

The NJROTC Competition Academics event puts 10 of the best and brightest cadets from different units head-to-head with a 100-question, multiple-choice test that combines material from Naval Science 1-4, which encompasses subjects like Meteorology, Maritime law, Naval and United States history, Astronomy, and General Inspection and Drill knowledge, as well as SAT Reading and Math in a test that makes all but the smartest cadets cringe. The Academics team practices everyday in 2nd platoon.


C/ENS Jayden Scott

Only the strongest cadets survive, and nowhere is this more evident than in the Athletics Events. There are 4 Athletic Events: Push-Ups and Sit-Ups, where cadets use all of the energy that they can muster (and then some) to complete as many Push-Ups and Sit-Ups as possible in cadence, and the 20×100 meter relay, where cadets work as a team in a fantastic display of speed, endurance and teamwork as 16 cadets run a set distance so that, with the help of their teammates, finish all 16 100 meter sprints faster than all of the other teams. The Athletics team practices Mondays and Wednesdays after school.


C/LCDR Angelo Mejias

With 4 cadets and 4 judges, this is considered the most intense drill event at a Field Meet. Color Guard is nothing short of a masterpiece correlation of military bearing, perfect timing, and unparalleled attention to detail of the routine. With the challenge of a small drill field area, two flags, and two rifles as opposed to all rifles, Color Guard is a drill event that requires tedious practice and dedicated performers. Nothing short of perfection will bring home 1st place. Color Guard practices Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.